Attitudes and Happiness in Serbia

The Annual Attitude Examination Survey consisting of 366 questions was deployed on nationally representative sample in Serbia to get 2608 valid inputs on the Oxford Happiness Inventory and Multiple Lickert scale questions concerning attitudes, fears, media use and closeness of different social categories to the participants.

Research results confirm that happiness is affected by certain attitudes and characteristics of research participants such as those indicating openness to new experiences, being people loving, optimistic, positive, future and present focused, knowledge oriented, relaxed, creative, helping, just and empathetic. This is the first happiness research in Serbia. Future inquiries of this kind should be moved towards the Internet as a source of continuous data.

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Bojic, L. (2018). Attitudes and Happiness in Serbia. Serbian political Thought, 17(1):29-45. doi:10.22182/spt.1712018.2 ISSN: 1450-5460