Behavior of communication professionals and communication students on Facebook

This paper examines how communication professionals and communication students use Facebook. The aim of the research is to categorize survey participants in the following categories: novice, advanced and professional users.

Methods of the research were questionnaire and content analysis of the query results. Happiness has been significant topic of substantial and ongoing scientific inquiries. Despite extensive focus of various researchers from different countries, happiness has not been the matter of scientific inquiry in Serbia.Invitations for survey participants were sent to the members of few Facebook groups that gather communication science students and practitioners. Research shows that novice users who use this social network for less than a year exploit it as a channel for personal or one way communication, while advanced users perceive Facebook as a place for two way and platform based communication. Professional users see this platform as a way of two way communication of a product / service / idea / person with consumers. They perceive Facebook communication as a good way to nourish or change image or to gather web advocates. The study categorizes active advanced users and derives noble users who utilize Facebook to share knowledge and learn about life of their virtual friends.

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Bojić, L. (2009). Ponašanje profesionalih komunikatora i studenata komunikologije na društvenoj mreži Fejsbuk. Časopis za upravljanje komuniciranjem, 12(9): 115-126. ISSN: 1452-7405