Big data: resouce of society or elites

Ljubisa took part in a panel discussion organized by the Digital Sociometrics Lab of the Institute for Philosophy and Social Theory on 20th December of 2019 at the ICT Hub in Belgrade. The panel examined issues around big data.

You can see official invite to the event here.

“Analysis of big data makes it possible to discover useful findings about society, but also opens space for manipulation. Data gathering can be done with direct or indirect consent of individuals, which triggers ethical issues exploited around the Cambridge Analytica case and the new European regulations aimed at protection of personal data.” Digital Sociometrics Lab

Other panelists were Mihajlo Popesku of Auspex International, Mirko Savic from the Faculty of Economics, University of Novi Sad and Jelisaveta Petrovic from the Social Science Department at the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade.

Ljubisa’s role regarding this event was also managing one, as coordinator at the Digital Sociometrics Lab.

“Since the Digital Sociometric Lab was founded in September of 2019 by the Scientific Council at the Institute for Philosophy and Social Theory we had an important task to introduce our work to the stakeholders of the business community in area of big data analysis. We see lots of space for research and development in big data. Therefore interaction between business and scientific communities is of utmost importance to us. Events such as this one give us opportunities to talk about topic of social significance and introduce our work to wider public“, Ljubisa Bojic, Coordinator at the Digital Sociometrics Lab of the IFDT.

Video recording of the panel discussion (Serbian language) can be seen here.

Goal of this event was illuminating issues significant to big data researchers such as:

  • Benefits of big data for social sciences and society
  • Purpose and potentials of artificial intelligence in big data
  • Ethical issues arising around social media analysis
  • Challenges of multidisciplinary approach
  • Future directions of big data in social sciences

Panel was widely visited by the members of the public. Because of such attention panelists did some reflecting afterwards on the issues for the Lab’s website. Ljubisa also wrote a Column for Netokracija.