I am currently working on applying social psychology algorithms on big data to extract useful outputs. My research combines social network data, artificial intelligence, neurolinguistics, machine learning and psychometric analyses. Previous scientific inquiries on nature of new media, online addiction and political participation contributed to my current  research focus.


2009. – 2013. Doctor of Political Sciences. PhD Dissertation Process of Media Addiction and Its Implications to Political Participation in Serbia defended at the Institute for Political Studies (Sciences PO Lyon), Triangle lab, PhD School of Social Sciences, University of Lumiere Lyon 2, Lyon. See PhD Defense Report hereThe Degree was recognized by the University of Belgrade.

2008. – 2009. Master of Arts in Communication at the Faculty for Culture and Media, Belgrade.

2005. – 2008. Bachelor of Arts in Journalism at the Faculty for Humanistic Sciences, Belgrade.

1999. – 2002. International High School Diploma at the Delia School of Canada, Hong Kong


2019.-… Research Fellow at the Institute for Philosophy and Social Theory, University of Belgrade.

2015.- 2019. Research Fellow at the Faculty of Engineering Sciences, University of Kragujevac.

2009. – 2014. CEO at Positive Center for Digital Media.

2006.- 2011. Public Relations Adviser at the BK Group.

2007. – 2009. Founder and Head of Web Journalism School at Serbian Journalist Association.


(See all abstracts of scientific papers here)

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(See all abstracts from scientific conferences here)

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Addition to the BIO – list of scientific papers and conference publications from the field of engineering sciences co-authored by dr Bojic during his engagement on the research project TR 33015 founded by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development, Republic of Serbia – “Research and development of Serbian net-zero energy building.”