Online privacy is impossible but you should be aware of your digital footprint

“Cambridge Analytica thought us what can happen if personal data are misused. That is why we have to learn how media and marketing affect us. Awareness on media literacy issue is one of our goals at the Digital Sociometrics Lab.”, writes Ljubisa in his column for Netokracija.

First he explained roots of the Cambridge Analytica scandal and why it was attractive for media. This topic is multi-dimensional. It has been used by the media to increase sales. Fear of Big Brother is an excuse of common people for their reluctance to make changes in their own lives.

On the other hand, this significant area was unregulated by the law. GDPR came as an response to that. Although a good start, this European regulation supports current marketing segmentation activities together with direct marketing practice through “legitimate interest”.

Ljubisa puts this in the context of modern market society and the need to sustain and increase current consumption. Until we find better model for our societies, media literacy may be the answer. Knowledge how marketing works should be at the core of education on all levels, because of its importance for modern societies.

Whole column in Serbian language can be read at Netokracija’s website.