Social networks in logistics system decision-making

Social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn have been becoming very popular during the last few years. Facebook is currently the world’s most populous “country” with more than 1 .3 billion “ inhabitants”. According to the statistical data, the users share their impressions daily in the form of statuses about upcoming events and present state of affairs, their problems, plans, novel experiences about the products, political stances, and alike.

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Media and political persuasion

Public opinion is important for political decisions. Politicians change public attitudes. They often turn public disagreement to predominant support for some policies (Mutz, etal. 1996). Long term change of political attitudes is caused by slow development of personality types (Riesman 1950). Research efforts in the field of political persuasion were based on personality stability, rather than media influence. On the other hand, changes in public opinion and social conditions occur frequently.

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