Classification of media addiction

Appearance of social networks opened new realms of life simulation, potentially boosting media addictions. Because of appearance and widespread use of new media, there is a need to explore potential hazards of such activities, one of them being media addiction.

In that way it may be significant to examine relationship of media addiction and stressful situations. This general issue relates to quality of life. Research results show stressful situations coming from family, workplace, education and moral and ethical norms are strongly linked to media addiction. Also, family as liberating agent has been found to correlate with decrease in levels of media addiction.

See whole paper here or on the website of the 2nd International Conference on Quality of Life.

Bojic, Lj. (2017). Classification of media addiction. 2nd International Conference on Quality of Life, Kragujevac, Serbia, 8 – 10 June 2017, 253-260.  ISBN: 978-86-6335-043-4