Initiation of media addiction

Increase in media use places question of media addiction as important issue for general quality of life. In those terms there is an assumption that personal characteristics in combination with stressful situations cause repression of inner impulses, thus provoking some psychological conditions such as depression, anxiety or loneliness.

This research inquiry aims to establish connection between repression of inner impulses and media addiction. Results show repression of inner impulses has been increasing with levels of media addiction. Media addiction has been increasing with those research participants with feelings of happiness tied to shopping.

See whole paper here or on the website of 2nd International Conference on Quality of Life.

Bojic, Lj. (2017). Initiation of media addiction. 2nd International Conference on Quality of Life, Kragujevac, Serbia, 8 – 10 June 2017, 261-270. ISBN: 978-86-6335-043-4