Media addicts in Serbia: problem dimensions and possible solutions

Personal characteristics in combination with stressful situations may be causing repression of inner impulses, thus provoking some psychological conditions such as depression, anxiety or loneliness. In this situation, person might look into characteristics and content of different media to find the one which addresses his or her repressed impulses, thus enabling “simulation of life”.

Person susceptible to one addiction might at some point decide to change it with other one, like alcohol or drugs use. Results of this research indicate that materialistic persons oriented towards societal success are more likely to become media addicts. Stressful situations coming from family, workplace, education and moral and ethical norms are strongly linked to media addiction. Family as liberating agent has been found to correlate with decrease in levels of media addiction. Repression of inner impulses has been increasing with levels of media addiction. Media addiction has been increasing with those research participants with feelings of happiness tied to shopping.

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Bojic, L. (2018). Media addicts in Serbia: problem dimensions and possible solutions. Teme, 42 (2):681-693. doi: 10.22190/TEME1802681B. ISSN: 0353-7919