Psychometrics in Social Network Research

I gave a talk about psychometrics in social network research at the Institute for Philosophy and Social Theory in Belgrade.

Here is what I talked about:

Psychometric research has been using social network data in an increasing manner, during the last decade. Scientific findings about personality types can provide us with deep psychological insights about users of social networks. Those findings were used by Cambridge Analytica during the Brexit and Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.

Results of previous psychometric research inquiries deal with data mining, advanced semantic analysis, distinguishing personality types based on Facebook likes, twitter data and the use of psychometric dictionaries.

One of the vision of future Internet research in the field of social sciences is tied with real time analysis of psychometric data. Based on this, some ideas for upcoming research inquiries will be presented, such as those that will give us insight in disproportion between social and mediated reality, attempt to establish connection between weather parameters and mood and to see weather attraction between partners has something to do with their preferred senses expressed on social networks.

Video of the talk can be seen here:

You can see English and Serbian invites to take part in this talk published by the host. Below is the presentation I used while discussing about psychometrics in social network research. Presentation is in Serbian language.