Reception and expression capabilities of media addicts in Serbia

This study examines impact of addictive media use to reception capabilities towards less preferred media. Addiction to all media was measured in order to compare will to receive less preferred media. Results show that those media addicts that are happy with internet are least happy with other media when compared to those who are primarily happy with television, radio or print and their relation towards less preferred media.

Results show special attachment of internet addicts to media they are addicted to. They are compared with addictive features and expression potential of internet, television, radio and print. Decrease in expression and reception potential towards non-proffered media may be caused because of substitution of more expressive activities, such as direct communication with less expressive activities such as indirect (mediated) communication. Findings should be used as a clue for further inquiry that would examine how internet use affects emotional expressivity, creativity and wellbeing.

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Bojic, L., Marie, J.-L. & Brankovic, S. (2013). Reception and Expression Capabilities of Media Addicts in Serbia. Kultura polisa, 10 (22): 353-368. ISSN: 1820-4589